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My Story

Having endured severe back problems for many years, I had the great fortune in 2003 to come across Rolfing. After being told that I should never play sport again, I resumed playing later that year after receiving the Rolfing® "Ten Series"!

Rolfing® had a dramatic effect; it helped relieve my back pain, increased my energy, and gave me an ease I had not known for a long time. I realized that it was not necessary to live in agony; I benefited from chronic pain relief, more effortless movement and increased self-confidence.

After my experience with Rolfing, I completed an MBA and worked in financial services but always had this idea of working with the body at the back of my mind. 


Eventually, I decided to do an introductory course in Rolfing and absolutely loved it. I decide that this was it for me; I wanted to do this work and to help people gain and maintain their health.

Through my Rolfing work I came into contact with ScarWork and Craniosacral Therapy and was fascinated by how these very gentle touch modalities could have such a deep, profound effect on people. So of course, I had to go and train to become a Craniosacral Therapist at the Upledger Institute and also trained to become a Scar Worker.

Along the path I also came into contact with a number of energy healers who with with a combination of hands on and hands off work. This too fascinated me and culminated with my studying SourcePoint Therapy.

The combination of these various ways of working with people can be very powerful in helping them heal in a physical, emotional and cognitive way and even from a spiritual perspective.

So Rolfing was life changing for me; it opened many doors of possibility and given me a whole new outlook and perspective on life. My enthusiasm continues to grow and I feel privileged to be able to accompany and help people on their own healing journey.

My role is to ​help and facilitate the change needed for people to free themselves of their dis-ease, working with them so that they can heal themselves. Given room and encouragement, the body, mind and spirit will rid itself of old patterns to be replaced by more natural state of being, coming back to who they really are.

This leads, not only to positive changes; to a more balanced person; one who is empowered mentally, emotionally, as well as physically, who is more confident and free to move without dis-ease and can perceive themselves, the world around them and their place in that world  the world in a new light.


My Approach

My goal is help people rid themselves of their dis-ease and realign themselves more closely with who they really are, whether that be physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, depending on their needs.

This leads, not only to positive physical changes, but to a more emotionally, psychologically and spiritually balanced person; one who is empowered and more confident and free to move without pain and who can perceive themselves, the world around them and their place in that world in a new light.

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