Having endured severe back problems for many years, I had the great fortune in 2003 to come across Rolfing. After being told that I should never play physical sport again, I resumed playing later that year after receiving the Rolfing® "Ten Series"!

Rolfing® had a dramatic effect; it helped relieve my back pain, increased my energy, and gave me an ease I had not known for a long time. I realized that it was not necessary to live in agony; I benefited from chronic pain relief, more effortless movement and increased self-confidence.

After my experience with Rolfing, I became interested in bodywork and realised my passion was to help people gain and maintain their health. I have always had an interest in the human body and personal growth and I wanted to be able to help people experience the Rolfing process on a physical, mental and emotional level, and so I decided to become a Rolfer.

Rolfing has been life changing for me; it has opened many doors of possibility and given me a whole new outlook and perspective on life. My enthusiasm continues to grow and I feel privileged to be able to accompany and help people on their own Rolfing journey.

Whether through lack of breathing capacity, inability to move freely and efficiently, or an urge to feel better in and about themselves, people can benefit both physically and mentally from Rolfing.

I help clients free themselves of their dis-ease by creating room in the body for it to heal itself. Given room and encouragement, the body will rid itself of old patterns to be replaced by more natural breathing and movement.

This leads, not only to positive postural changes, but to a more balanced person; one who is empowered mentally as well as physically, who is more confident and free to move without pain and can perceive the world in a new light.

Joseph O'Kelly BSc MBA PhD

Certified Rolfer™

Certified Scar Work Practitioner

Cranial Sacral Therapist in Training

Member of the European Rolfing Association